Travel Cover With COVID-19 Benefits In Singapore

Various countries opened their doors to tourists after a long hiatus but are taking great precautions. Travelling is possible, but one needs to increase their health insurance coverage. Additionally, medical costs have increased, and COVID-19 has also been added.

Medical treatment is becoming increasingly necessary in such times. Further, this results in a much higher rate of medical costs than would normally be the case. Therefore, the need for cost-effective options such as health and travel insurance apps is greater. People often wonder, however, if health and travel insurance actually cover COVID-19?

While Covid is prevalent, embarking on a journey carries a lot of uncertainty. Travel insurance aims to protect people against major expenses and losses incurred during travel. Medical Emergencies, Money Laundering, Passport Loss, Flight Cancellations, and Loss of Luggage are among the most common. Moreover, all travel insurance policies treat all COVID-19 cases during domestic or international travel the same way as any other medical emergency.

In a recent announcement, health insurance authorities have mandated that all health and general insurance companies cover COVID-19. Therefore, it’s critical to speak with your provider to see if this coverage is included in your current policy and is available through your health insurance app.

You will need to get travel insurance cover when you are travelling in Singapore to make the most out of your trip. For this reason, you must opt for travel insurance coverage with COVID-19 benefits. So, if you happen to fall sick, you can always rely on your travel insurance in Singapore. To know the best travel insurance cover in Singapore, you will have to compare travel insurance Singapore.

Important factors to consider

There are certain factors to recall when considering COVID-19 travel insurance in Singapore coverage.

1.    Visiting for a short amount of time

Visitors who will be going to Singapore for a short amount of time require travel insurance. This type of insurance covers medical as well as hospitalisation costs when you are travelling in Singapore. Because of this, your travel insurance in Singapore with COVID-19 benefits must provide you with coverage of at least S$30,000.

Short-term visitors who are less than 12 years old and not completely vaccinated do not require travel insurance to get COVID-19 treatment. But, it is advisable to have your travel insurance coverage; otherwise, you will have to spend your money on treatment.

2.    Insurance home recovery programme

Travellers suffering from COVID-19 will have to get into a home recovery programme in case they have a residence in Singapore or staying in a hotel. While looking for medical advice, they can have access to telemedicine services. You can check other Covid-19 travel insurance coverage related to testing, treatment, and hospitalisation.

3.    Medical treatment

Those patients who cannot recover at home will need medical attention at a care facility for Covid-19. All these facilities can include private as well as public hospitals, treatment facilities for Covid-19 and Community Isolation facilities.

Patients with Covid-19 cannot make a decision on which care facility they will be admitted to. The Government of Singapore will make a decision for them.

4.    Trip cancellation

You will receive Covid-19 travel insurance coverage in case you have to cancel your trip to Singapore if your immediate family member is sick with Covid-19 and if your travelling companion falls sick. An excess will be applied as per the travel insurance plan.

5.    Trip Disruption

If your travelling companion is sick with Covid-19 and your trip gets disrupted, you will receive coverage under your COVID-19 travel insurance policy.

How to be eligible for the Covid-19 coverage?

Travellers will be eligible for getting the Covid-19 coverage if they meet all vaccination needs. Moreover, they require to take pre-departure and post-arrival tests. Some Covid-19 travel insurance policies have now removed the need for a diagnostic test like PCR within a period of 72 hours before travellers depart for their trip.

Other requirements

If you are looking for the best Covid-19 travel insurance Singapore, you must look at these eligibility requirements.

  1. Having an identification document for Singapore such as a passport, employment pass, national registration identification card, student pass, visit pass, and work permit.
  2. Having paid for your premium.
  3. Not being bankrupt for the past 12 months.
  4. Having bought a policy before leaving Singapore, and the starting of the coverage date before leaving Singapore.
  5. Being more than 30 years old.


You can get Covid-19 travel insurance coverage for your trip to Singapore. If you fall sick, your travel insurance will cover you. In addition, you will not have to worry if your trip gets disrupted or cancelled due to Covid-19, as that will be covered under your travel insurance plan. Before applying for a travel insurance policy in Singapore, you just have to ensure that you meet all the above eligibility criteria.