Travel Essentials For A Solo Female Traveler

And your train ticket booking is made! 

Finally, the trip you’ve been planning for a long time is coming to fruition. After much thought, you’ve decided to book some cheap flights and treat yourself to a solo trip, but for some reason, you couldn’t, but you got yourself tickets for a level train. This solo trip is entirely yours. It is your chance to make some of the most beautiful and exciting memories of your life. First-time solo trips can be intimidating because you are alone, but there is nothing to be afraid of, so let go of the fear.

Listed below is a list of essentials for a smooth and successful trip:

A smart luggage

You should consider the length of your trip and your preferences when deciding whether to use a suitcase or backpack. You need to keep in mind your preferences like whether you prefer to travel by cab booking or public transport. In the case of a short trip, say between three and six days, it is best to bring a backpack; however, if you intend to travel for three to six months, a suitcase is unquestionably more suitable. It also depends on how you pack; ideally, you should travel smart rather than light. Nowadays, some smart bags and backpacks are well-protected and will keep your belongings safe.


Traveling is primarily used to unwind one’s thoughts, embrace the unknown, and let go of one’s addiction to electronic gadgets, but we require these gadgets to make our travel as smooth as possible. For example, imagine visiting a completely new location, and your phone’s battery is dead, but you need to check your PNR status; wouldn’t that be a nightmare? It is therefore imperative to keep these electronics with you at all times:

  • Universal Adapter
  • Power Bank
  • Extension Cord
  • Portable Internet Device
  • An E-reader (for avid readers)

Safety gadgets

Traveling alone or not, there is always the fear of being robbed, mugged, or losing your belongings, so security gadgets are necessary to make you feel at peace.

  • Portable door lock for extra security
  • Safety e-alarm with an ear-piercing siren
  • Smart pepper spray that alerts your contacts as soon as it is sprayed
  • Self-defense keychain to defend yourself against the offender

Clothing and Toiletries

It is dependent on the length of the trip and the season. Except for your clothes, if it’s winter, you’ll need an extra set of wool, but otherwise, all you need is a rainproof jacket just in case. A weeklong trip requires five socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and one hat. Again, you can modify this rule on the length of the trip, the season, and the level of adventure.

To save space, bring only travel-size toiletries. It could contain solid shampoo, conditioner, body wash, skincare, makeup, deodorant, fragrance, prescription medication, and sanitary products.


You must have your documents with you all the time. You can store your documents digitally on your smartphone but for backup, always carry the paper version just in case.


These are some of the miscellaneous things you can carry: a water filter bottle, a couple of snack bars, ready-made food, an air pillow, extra skincare products, etc.

Smart tip: Once you’ve created your checklist, save it on an excel sheet to ensure you don’t forget anything when you begin and end your trip.