Travel Guide To Philadelphia’s Art Museum Area 

It is no secret that Philadelphia is one of the most visited cities in the United States of America for its rich cultural heritage and history. In fact, the city was listed as the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. In addition, the richness of the town attracts visitors from all over the world to experience the historical greatness and beauty of the town that is worth preserving. Therefore, when considering your next vacation, you might want to visit Philadelphia, especially in the city’s “Art Museum Area,” Fairmount, Philadelphia. The neighborhood is home to world-class museums and great food and has been deemed one of the friendliest neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia. 


However, traveling in the area might take you more days off as the neighborhood would surely steal your hearts out. On the other hand, it might make you think and consider moving to the area. Families who relocate here appreciate its accessibility to lovely green spaces and an energetic food scene just outside the hustle and bustle. With this, it is best to plan an itinerary for the trip, including your homestays for your vacation. But you do not need to worry about your housing as Zumper would help you find affordable and comfortable apartments for rent Fairmount, Philadelphia.


For now, these are the travel guides when visiting Fairmount, Philadelphia:


How To Explore Around 


In order to travel and enjoy the city, you must first need to familiarize yourself with its transportation system. In Philadelphia, buses, trains, and trolleys are the transportation you might usually find around the city. These vehicles are operated by SEPTA or Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, which also maintains the city’s transit system. All of this transportation must be paid for with cash or using SEPTA’s Travel Wallet program and a Key Card. However, you can always opt to walk around the area as the museums along the neighborhood of Fairmount are a walking distance away. In this way, you can save your travel money while exercising your body and watching the beautiful, storied streets of Fairmount, Philadelphia.


Ideal Time To Visit


Philadelphia is not particular regarding weather as it shares the same with other east coast cities. With this, it is best to visit the city and the neighborhood during the sunny and humid summer or the damp and temperate spring, just like other tourists’ ideal time to enjoy a vacation. On the other hand, it is discouraged to visit during the winter months as you might not get the view you want, and the weather might be too cold for you to handle. Thus, it is best to visit during the summer or spring as both kinds of weather allow you to make the most of your trip and give both inside and outdoor attractions an equal chance to shine.


Moreover, you can visit and stay in the city during tropical summer, specifically in July. During this time of the year, the Eastern State Penitentiary hosts the Bastille Day Festival, a French-inspired carnival with a Philadelphia touch. At the time of the festival, “Let them eat the tasty cake!” cries are heard throughout the massive block party’s entertainment when hundreds of thousands of the Philadelphia-produced candies are launched from the prison’s towers. Activities and games are also featured during the festival. As some not of you may know, Eastern State Penitentiary is a former American prison. It was in use from 1829 until 1971 and is situated at 2027 Fairmount Avenue in the Fairmount neighborhood of the city.


Great Restaurants


Traveling to remarkable places such as Fairmount, Philadelphia is not complete when you are not experiencing its culture and tasting its great food from its buzzed-about restaurants. From feeding your eyes with the magnificent sceneries and art from the museums, it is best and recommended to fill in your tummies with their fantastic food after walking for hours inside the hallowed halls. You do not need to worry about what to eat in the area as this neighborhood is home to several top-notch restaurants serving various food from different cuisines. This neighborhood would not disappoint you, from Italian dishes and Greek food to fresh sushis from Japanese cuisine. Therefore, Fairmount, Philadelphia, is a charming neighborhood that highlights not only the history of the city but also the delectable and mouth-watering food they serve from various cuisines.




Fairmount, Philadelphia, is genuinely a place synonymous with fine art. From the historical museums, storied streets, magnificent sceneries, and attractions to fine dining and annual festivals, you will indeed never run out of ideas on what to do in the neighborhood. You might want to consider living here because of the wonderful green spaces and tranquil environment that will surely give you a peaceful and serene lifestyle. Moreover, traveling around the city or any other places should be planned. Reading travel articles with travel tips and guides will surely make your vacation a hassle-free and smooth-sailing experience.