Travel In The World-Class Limousines For The Perfect Niagara Wine Tours

The limousines are exceptionally the most luxurious vehicles to travel in. As the limousines cost a lot than a regular car than renting it seems like a very affordable option to choose. There are several professional limousine services present all around Canada like Oakville Limo to give a royal ride to everyone who avails their service. The Niagara Wine Tours services host an amazing fleet of vehicles to ideally choose from which would suit the clients.

Occasional ride

In states like the United States and Canada availing the limousine services are very common. The limos are often hired by wedding couples to make a grand entrance. The classy limos are also hired for rolling around during proms. They also have a great role in the business world by transporting valuable business clients around the city. For any celebratory party limousines or party, buses are often hired to enjoy a unique party which would be very different from clubbing and ground parties.

The gorgeous stretch limousines

A stretch limousine is a special kind of limousine that has a long wheelbase and four doors on the vehicle. This type of limousine is thus longer than the conventional limos. The longer area of the vehicle is mainly for the accommodation of many passengers.

As more space is available most stretch limousines have a seating arrangement following the sides of the cabin. Many will be unaware that the ‘stretch limousine’ was created in Fort Smith of Arkansas around the year 1928.

The company Armbruster made the armbuster car to transport high-end leaders.  The early name of the stretch limousines was “big band buses” as they transported “big band” leaders. The stretch limos are often used in wine tours for their extra space and wonderful comfort.

The novelty limousine

The vehicles which are known as novelty limousines are hired mostly for weddings, parties, and similar occasions. Often the novelty limousines are made by converting them from other vehicles. A type of novelty limousine is very famous-the ones which are painted in really flashy colors such as pink, purple and blue. The novelty limousines have a vintage touch that makes them distinctive from other types. The common novelty limousines include Volkswagen beetle, east german Trabant, flat panda, and Citroen 2cv. A few corvettes and Ferrari models can also be spotted under the roof of some limousine services.

Niagara tour

The Niagara Wine Tours are luxurious tours offered by prestigious limousine services from Ontario. These tours are very different from countryside holiday tours that often people choose. Many reputed vineyards around the Niagara regions are wonderfully exciting to visit. The tours in Niagara conducted by limousine services are customizable by the clients. There is no comparison to the experience of traveling through the enchanting scenes of Niagara in a limo.  There are not only limos but party buses are also available to be hired for the wine tours. Visiting the wine stops pre-arranged to taste some fine wine while having a great in the limo meanwhile is something most people remember for a long time.


The wine tours have been happening for a very long time now. Every person who had experienced a limousine wine tour has praised the tour for being extraordinary. There are several reviews present in limo services websites such as Oakville Limo Company to truly know what others are saying who have taken the tour.