Travel Safety Tips For A Solo Female Business Traveler

As a women entrepreneur, if you are traveling alone for business meetings, traveling for some work always prioritize your safety while traveling. Women business travelers are more likely to face dangers and risks than their male counterparts. No matter wherever you are traveling, here are some of the smart travel safety tips to keep in mind.

Trust your instincts – As you will be on your own, trust your gut feeling. Listen to that little voice in your head or a feeling in your body that tells you whether it’s right or wrong. No wonder every time whenever you will be alone you have to make the decisions by yourself. But if you have a feeling that something is not right then act accordingly.

Accommodation – While making your stay bookings make sure you are staying in a crowded area or the main city. Avoid the outskirts. Also, as you review the hotel options, check the reviews online and do some research. While doing the check-in take a set of 2 keys. We suggest keeping one in the pocket and the second set in the purse or your briefcase. In case your purse gets stolen or you get in the unfortunate scenario you have the other set of keys to get into your room. Don’t hesitate to pass on the instructions if your office supervisor/HR will be managing your bookings.

Travel Bookings – For air travel, prefer booking direct flights. Also, make sure your departure and arrival are during the daytime. Take local transport for your travel purpose. If you are booking a cab through the ride-sharing app, here are some of the precautions to keep in mind. Before sitting in the cab check the cab license plate and see if it matches with the details on the app. Read the driver’s travel history and share your ride details with your close friends or with someone in the family. Make sure child locks aren’t on.

Travel Documents – Keep all your important documents safely and have a xerox of all your important and work related documents.

Safety App – You can also check out The UrSafe personal security app. This app will help you to stay safe no matter where you are. You can also share your location with your trusted ones.

Travel insurance – To ensure your travel journey is safe and fruitful, buy travel insurance It will provide some sort of safety from any unforeseen situations. No matter how meticulous your planning is, there are times that anything can go wrong or happen. In such situations, travel insurance will provide you that net security. Infact, most of the companies provide travel insurance to all their employers if they are traveling for work purposes.

Keep safety as your first priority. However, woes of safety will worry you wherever you will go but some planning in advance can help you combat all the difficult situations. Don’t sacrifice safety for saving some money.