Vancouver to Banff – MirrorTrip’s Travel Guide

The Coronavirus has made life difficult, but it does not mean you have to cancel summer. If you are like most Canadians, you have to make many adjustments over the last few months. You have had to change the way that you work, shop, and educate your children. The same must now go for the way you vacation.

Taking a holiday abroad is now permissible. However, it comes with risks. Doing any kind of extensive travelling exposes you to more people and public spaces, which will increase your chances of contracting the virus. Then there are the practical difficulties. Each country is managing the virus in its own way. The country that you visit may require you to stay in quarantine for a long period of time. And even if this is not the case, the ranges of restrictions and prohibitions in the city may make it cumbersome and stressful to go out.

A much better plan is to do a “staycation” this year. Canada is the perfect place to holiday. The country is large and filled with beautiful outdoor and rural sites that will be a feast for your senses. If you live in Vancouver, then you should consider visiting Banff, Alberta. The latter is a rural town that is nestled between Mount Norquay and Sulphur Mountain. At Norquay, you can enjoy numerous mountain biking trails and excellent skiing. Sulphur Mountain is home to Banff Upper Hot Springs, which can provide you one of the most restful and relaxing experiences of your summer.

Renting a car and doing a road trip is a great way to spend your holiday. Using a Vancouver to Banff Travel Guide will give you the insight and information you need to explore all the great spots that lay between these two locales. There is no reason why you cannot take your time as you proceed to Banff. There are a great many rich and beautiful natural wonders to behold in the Canadian wilderness, and you should see and experience them all.

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There are plenty of ways to still enjoy your summer. You do not have to give up on the idea of getting away for a couple of days and enjoying yourself. Canada is a huge country, and if you are like most city-dwelling Canadians you have never considered the potential of the countryside for relaxation, pleasure, and entertainment. Going to Banff will give you an insight into the larger treasures of rural Canada. It will allow you to get away from the bustle of Vancouver.

You don’t need to leave Canada to enjoy your summer holidays. Banff, Alberta offers charm, warmth, and relaxation. You can enjoy the town by using a Vancouver to Banff Travel Guide and