Visit Beaumont and Bermuda Dunes For The Best Weekend Getaway This Week!

Beaumont and Bermuda Dunes are two of the best places you can visit in order to enjoy a fun time with your friends. Situated in California, these two towns can offer you the best ways to spend a few days in peace and fun. If you want to chart an itinerary and decide what you are going to do in the next few days, then this blog will help you find out the best places. Check out the best things you can do in Beaumont and Bermuda Dunes. Meanwhile, you can visit Doobie Beaumont dispensary and find out the best marijuana products that you can use.

Best Things To Do in Beaumont

Beaumont is a well known and popular place where you can spend quite a great time. Here are the top things you can do in Beaumont –

  • Head to the Wildhaven Ranch and the Arrowhead Lake. You will love the peace and serenity of the place which will help your mind and body to relax. The ranch is the home to a wide range of animals and birds which roam here throughout the year. If you are lucky, then you can even see bears as well.
  • For those who have prior experience in shooting and love the sport, can head to Beaumont Indoor Shooting Range. Here you get all the essential facilities for indoor shooting. You get to choose from a variety of guns to practice your skills and shoot the targets down.
  • If you want to satisfy your hunger cravings and eat a great meal, then the Domenicos Italian Kitchen is the best place where you can visit. They have a delicious spread of Italian food that includes pizzas and bruschettas.

Now, let’s find out what are the top things you can do in Bermuda Dunes in the next segment.

Best Things To Do in Bermuda Dunes

Even though Bermuda Dunes is a small town, there are a variety of things that you can do here. Take a look at the top things you can do when you are in Bermuda Dunes –

  • Head to the Da Chef Noodles and try their amazing food. Their range of delicious noodles will surely help you satisfy your hunger cravings. Some of the best food items you can try here are Dim Sum and the Peking Duck.
  • If you are traveling with kids, then the Marvyn’s Magic Theater is the best place to take them. The performers entertain the guests by doing several recreational activities. You will have a great time and your kids will enjoy it.
  • Shop for 100% organic and home grown marijuana products from the Doobie Bermuda Dunes dispensary. They have a wide selection of items that can help you enjoy a wonderful feeling whenever you want to.

So, these are the top things you can do in Beaumont and Bermuda Dunes this weekend. Visit these places and have the time of your life with your family for the next few days.