Visitors from Overseas Planning a Trip to Orlando – What You Need to Know

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Orlando is known for its theme parks such as Sea World, Universal Studios, etc., and many visitors choose this place as their vacation destination. However, the best way of making the most out of your visit to Orlando is by getting yourself a Go Orlando Card. This card will keep you from spending unnecessarily and to have the best-planned visit to Orlando Florida. 

If you wish to make the fullest out of your plan of visiting Orlando, then OrlandoEscape is your one-stop guide. You can learn everything about the best Orlando hotels, including useful information about how enjoy to the fullest with your friends or family. Go through this blog and plan a perfect vacation to Orlando. 

How safe is Orlando? 

Even though the whole of America is filled with so many beautiful places for the visitors to enjoy their time there, some places must be avoided by the tourists. The same goes for Orlando also. There are some places that you might want to stay away from, when you visit Orlando.

Parramore District is the place where there is a major concentration of homeless people. Hence, the concentration of crime rate is also high here, and so it is not safe for tourists to visit this place when in Orlando.

Orange Blossom Trail is another place in Orlando where some of the illegal activities such as prostitution are going on. Hence, it is suggested to avoid this place also, when in Orlando. 

Pine Hills is the place where the residents belong to the lower-income category. The rate of crime happening in this area is quite high, and it is strictly not suggested to linger around or even think about going towards the Greyhound Bus Station in Pine Hills

Other Information 

  • ESTA Visa Waiver 

ESTA is electronic travel authorization. This is the opportunity for the abroad travelers to Orlando to get their US visa, without any need to go to the concerned US embassy in their country. The validity of this authorization will be for 2 years with multiple visit options, and each stay validation will be allowed for 90 days. 

  • Currency 

As you know already, US dollars are the official currency that is accepted in Orlando. You can even use your Debit or Credit Cards here, and ATMs are available at every corner of the street. 

  • Airports 

The major public airport is located in Orlando, Florida. It is located within a 10km radius of the Downtown Orlando area. 

  • Weather 

You can expect subtropical weather conditions in Orlando. The hottest months will start from June and end in August. Hence, it is suggested to avoid these months to visit Orlando. 

  • Travel Insurance 

If you feel like you need coverage for your medical issues, theft and robbery issues of your valuables, etc., then purchasing travel insurance is suggested. 

Some of the reviews state some false information about Orlando. For instance, some reviews state that Orlando experienced more than 60 hurricanes from the year 2000 to 2013. This is not true as the actual number of hurricanes that hit Orlando during these years is just one. Hence, do not blindly follow all reviews and make your decision about visiting Orlando with your family. 


For any information, you can always rely on the OrlandoEscape blog. They also have listings of best Orlando restaurants that you can try while on your vacation.