What Is The Best Wine For Seafood?

Wine has the potential to greatly improve any dining experience. However, it is usually challenging to find a suitable pairing to go with a meal, and the problem becomes even more pronounced when it comes to seafood.

While white wine is traditionally considered to always go with fish, this is somewhat of a generalization because some kinds of fish can pair deliciously with a merlot or rosé. So, what kinds of fish are best paired with the varieties of wine. Below are some excellent wine and fish pairings.

  1. Salmon and Pinot Noir

The vast majority of people assume that red wine should only be paired with red meat or pasta, but there’s a surprising number of red wine and fish pairings guaranteed to take your meal to the next level. A pinot noir is an excellent addition to a meal with salmon since it is light and crisp enough to be paired with fish but can also be an excellent complement to its taste.

  1. Oysters and Champagne

The classic pairing of oysters and champagne is referred to as classic for good reason. The seemingly odd combination works because the bubbles and clean feeling of the champagne are great for washing away some of the urine that’s typically found in oysters.

  1. Lobster and Chablis

One of the leading delicacies of the ocean is lobster. It might be a bit tough to eat, but the reward is often worth the waiting and the cracking as well as the slurping. To improve the flavor of lobster, you should consider pairing it with Chablis, which is a white wine from northern France that has high levels of acidity that can cut the lobster’s rich taste.

  1. Tuna and Rosé 

Rosés are currently huge and pair perfectly with tuna. While many might assume that tuna pairs impeccably with darker wines, numerous tuna recipes actually have light ingredients such as citrus that generally pair perfectly with lighter wines.

  1. Scallops and Sauvignon Blanc

Scallops are small but flavorful creatures with a flavor that’s both light and buttery. Sauvignon blanc is the perfect pairing that allows all the light flavors to combine well as you enjoy.

  1. Sea Bass and Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris has a great citrusy flavor that not only lifts but also enhances sea bass, especially if it is prepared with butter as well as other rich ingredients.

  1. Shrimp and Vinho Verde

Shrimp’s incredibly distinctive flavor requires a light counterpart when it comes to wine to brighten up the taste. Paired with shrimp, Vinho Verde basically has the effect of squeezing a bit of lemon or lime juice on top of the meal.

  1. Mussels and Albariño 

A light wine such as albariño has the power to cut and brighten the brine of shellfish.

  1. Trout and Chardonnay

Chardonnay’s crisp, sharp, and often biting flavor helps to elevate the flavor of trout. When paired with this light and bright wine, trout is likely to give off a buttery flavor.

  1. Crab and Riesling

Crab is both sweet and savory, but its taste could be even better with a Riesling, which has a sweet and fruity flavor.

  1. Fish and Chips and Champagne

The bubbles of the champagne help to complement fried foods since it cuts the harshness of both the salt and oil. You also probably want another excuse for drinking champagne. Don’t you?

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