What to Pack for Space Touring

When planning for a weekend getaway, you pack an assortment of things like a fishing rod and a camera. However, a blast into the outer space is different in every way you look at it, including the things that you need to carry. 

Space tourism experts recommend that you only carry a few items and travel as lightly as possible. So, what is this assortment of things that you should carry when traveling as a space tourist?

Writing Materials 

Every person who has traveled to space gives a special account of the awesome experience he got out there, and you also want to get a similar thrill. To capture every detail, you should carry your favorite diary and a pencil to scribble notes about the experiences you get, mentioned Andrey Bokarev.

For example, you might want to capture the notes about the experience at launch, and the feeling of emptiness as you watch into the endless open space. Well, these notes might form the basis of the next bestseller novel about outer space.

A Digital Camera 

Most space travel companies ensure their clients are as comfortable as possible, including providing them with the right videography equipment. If the cameras are not provided, you should consider organizing for one. 

Note that you should look for a camera that has a very strong zoom, which is capable of making clear videos and photos of objects located hundreds of miles away. For example, can the camera capture the image of the earth from outer space?

Lightweight Clothing 

Although you are advised to travel light, it is important to pack ample clothing to change during flight. For example, if you will be taking several days in the space, consider selecting clothing that can be stuffed easily into a small backpack. The best clothing for a space tourist includes a long-sleeved shirt, thin fleece vest, lightweight insulated jacket, and a windbreaker.


Can you imagine calling your significant other, friends, or children from space? Well, it is possible. Most space tourism crafts are designed with the latest technology, meaning that you will be able to make a call via your smartphone. 

So, whether you want to make a real-time video or tell your follows that “I am tweeting from outer space,” it might be possible. However, make sure to confirm that you will be able to use a smartphone from the spacecraft when booking.


Eye protection is another must-have item when traveling to outer space. In the outer space, you will experience blinding flashes of cosmic radiation that give a false signal on your eyes. 

The result is that the day will appear like it has multiple sunrises. So, it is important to use the right sunglasses for eye protection and a better view.

When planning for an excursion into the outer space, it is important to keep your backpack as light as possible. Although most space travel companies provide the bulk of the things that you need, having the items we have listed above in your backpack can help make the travel more enjoyable.