Why The Leela hotel is safe to stay after lockdown?

We are moving towards the liberation from this unfortunate period in human history, as the numbers of active cases are dropping. Slowly but surely, all the industries are rising again and making a comeback. The tourism and hospitality industry is slowly spreading its wings and arms to welcome their guests. In thehospitality industry, customers are part of our extended family. The well-being of our patrons is our number one priority. In this article, we will talk about why The Leela hotel is safe to stay after lockdown and the various measures taken by The Leela hotels across India.

It’s no secret that our first focus in today’s environment is on the importance of sanitization and hygiene to provide a safe stay at The Leela. Timely cleaning of all the personal and public spaces is followed with utmost care. The Leela Hotels will continue with the policy of frequent and thorough cleaning of public & personal spaces with hospital-grade disinfectants.  

The Leela Hotels across the country are working with the government and associated policymakers to achieve the optimum safety level for our guests. Thorough and periodic sanitization, use of masks, gloves, is ensured and taken care of. Staff is made aware of the healthcare policies and precautions that need to be taken. 

Precautions have been taken for the better implementation of social distancing policy. We are encouraging our guests to make full use of room service and dine-in options and are working towards making them easily accessible, so our patrons can relax and enjoy the food in the comfort of their personal space. 

Industrial protective gear kitsare being provided to all the Leela Hotels employees as a standard practice. Precautions taken by The Leela include conducting frequent temperature checks of all the staff, including but not limited to front desk personnel, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, and drivers. Sanitization options are made easily available & accessible. All the employees have been trained to maintain the highest standards in food hygiene and contact safety.

High touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, railings, armrests, reception counters are the places where most attention is paid. These surfaces are cleaned more frequently, and sanitizer stands are being made available at various places. Furniture is frequently cleaned and sanitized. Thorough cleaning of hotel transportation systems,including cars or buses after every single use, is also ensured. 

So don’t worry, take care of your health, and head down for a safe stay at The Leela after the situation gets better. Come what may,we are always here for you – with open arms and a warm smile.