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White Winter in the Spanish Capital: There is a lot to see and do in Madrid!

Madrid, the Spanish capital, is one of those cities that offer something different for each season of the year. Landscapes, activities and a vibrant city life that does not fade in any season of the year come together in this...


The perfect place to escape the cold!

Malaga is always one of the top destinations when it comes to summer getaways. In general, when thinking about this city, its beaches, squares and outdoor events that abound so much during the summer are usually highlighted, however, although winter...


ADO Bus: Why are They Getting So Popular

Offering central as well as southern Mexico, the group of ADO provides some different classes, from Grandma Lujo or GL or Primera Clase to Platino, the most elegant alternative. Tips for Bus Traveling in Mexico  On weekend breaks, as well...

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