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Why You Should Charter a Yacht for Your next Trip?

Vacation season is round the corner and if you want to explore the beaches and sea then you must charter a Yacht for your trip. You can select the top places and book your yacht and explore the beauty of...


What to Pack for Space Touring

When planning for a weekend getaway, you pack an assortment of things like a fishing rod and a camera. However, a blast into the outer space is different in every way you look at it, including the things that you...


Best backpacking journeys in India by train

Majority of us have fond childhood memories of those vacations we took with our family where we had to rush to the train station and argue about who got the window seat. Since then, travelling by train has definitely improved,...


Shirdi beyond spirituality

The town of Shirdi is a hallowed ground and one of the most sacred religious sites of the country, but there’s more to this town than its deep divinity. Sitting in the heart of Maharashtra, Shirdi is the small, laid-back...


Best spots in Phuket Thailand

Thailand, officially named the Kingdom of Thailand, stretches down the Indochinese Peninsula in the Southeast Asian region. Although Thailand’s neighbouring countries strike visitors with their breathtaking landscapes and engaging history, the Land of Smiles has achieved to develop an important...


The Pyramids of Egypt

Egypt - the bridge between Africa and Asiainvites you to take part in an unforgettable adventure, offering visitors some of the oldest world’s ruins: sand-covered pyramids, majestic temples, austere tombs, and so much more! Yet, it is not all about...

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